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  • 2018 League CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!

  • League CHAMPIONS 2017!!! Amazing Team affort

  • SWSC B05 2017 League Cup CHAMPIONS!!

  • SWSC G05 is National Premier League 2018 CHAMPION!!!

  • SWSC G07 The State Cup FINALISTS 2018!!!

  • SWSC B08 Finished second in the League 2017

  • B03 is the CHAMPION of SWSC Thanksgiving Classic 2017

  • Sherry Diep has been selected for ODP!!!

  • SWSC B05 Murrieta Surf 2017 CHAMPIONS!!!

  • SWSC B04 Team is Murrieta Surf Tournament Finalist!!!!!!

  • SWSC B04 took second at SD United Tournament!!!

  • SWSC B04 reached round eight of the State Cup 2018

  • SWSC B03 reached the Semi-Finals of the State Cup 2018

  • SWSC B04 Team is Surf Summer Classic Finalist!!!!!!

  • Southwest B04 Spring League Futsal Champion!!!!!!!