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Memorial Day Cup 2019 CHAMPIONS

soccer tournament

Copa de Mayo 2019 CHAMPIONS

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SWSC Summer Classic 2019 CHAMPIONS

Recent SWSC B09 News


SWSC B08 Jose - Paving the Road for Success

By SOUTHWEST SOCCER CLUB . 08/05/2019, 10:45pm PDT

SWSC B08 Jose Added Another Award to Their Collection

SWSC B08 competed at the Tournament of Champions and took second place with only eight players participating!!!!! Five tournaments played this summer - Five awards earned, considering that four out of five times they were crowned Champions! This team has an outstanding record. "We cannot win them all", says coach Jose. Absolutely right. The boys worked extremely hard getting ready for the upcoming season. They learned a lot, bonded better with each other, and developed sense of unity and responsibility towards one another which helps them during games to achieve more and earn the rightful place in the finals. Keep it coming!!!!!! Keep going forward and never stop learning! 


SWSC B08 Jose Took Their Fourth Championship This Summer

By SOUTHWEST SOCCER CLUB . 07/15/2019, 9:45pm PDT

Four Tournaments - Four Championships. That's How You Do IT!!!!!

SWSC B08 Jose Team took their fourth CHAMPIONSHIP this summer!!!!!!!! Wow! Unbelievable!!!!!! Hard work and discipline of the players, plus great training sessions prepared and ran by the coaches, equals CHAMPIONSHIPS. Seems like an easy formula, but it is way more than that. Long training hours, commitment, dedication, ability to work together as a unit, and many other factors build a CHAMPION. Way to go TEAM!



By SOUTHWEST SOCCER CLUB . 06/16/2019, 2:15am PDT


SWSC B08 Jose team is a newly formed team, yet it doesn't stop them from achieving the best. In the past moth, the team competed at three different tournaments, Copa de Mayo, Memorial Day Cup, and SWSC Summer Classic, and each and every time WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!! Outstanding!!!!!!! No words are necessary, their trophies say it all. The boys are eager to learn from their coaching staff and prove their dedication to the sport and each other during games. Keep working hard!!!!!!!


Always Practicing to Reach the Impossible