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Chant to the Victory


Copa Revolution 2019 CHAMPIONS!!!!!

What a Beautiful Goal!!!!!

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SWSC B08 Elite are the CHAMPIONS of Copa Revolution 2019

By SOUTHWEST SOCCER CLUB . 08/20/2019, 2:15pm PDT

Getting Ready for the Season

SWSC B08 Elite knows well what it takes to get to the top. Twice League Champions this team just keep advancing and elevating their level in soccer. Last weekend they won the finals of Copa Revolution 2019!!!!!! CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!! Very happy moment  right before the start of the season that should boost their confidence even more. We are extremely proud of the team!

B08 Moving Up in the League!

By SOUTHWEST SOCCER CLUB 11/30/2017, 9:15pm PST

B08 had a very impressive season being undefeated and finishing second in the league

B08 had a very impressive season being undefeated and finishing second in the league. Ths team has been formed only last year and already demonstrated great skill level. B08 truly deserves moving up to the next level in the league. We are all very proud of the boys' performance led by the skilful guidance of their coaching staff.

SWSC B08 Summer Classic Champions

By SWSC 06/25/2017, 4:00pm PDT

SWSC B08 is a newly formed team. These players are very energetic and eager to learn. The young athletes have been training and playing together only since February 2017, and they are already showing outstanding results, winning SWSC Summer Classic. Way to go, team!!!! You are absolutely amazing!


SWSC B08 Team WON Presidio Cup 2018!!!!!! CHAMPIONS!!!!!!

SWSC B08 Clinic

SWSC B08 ELITE Scores a Beauty! Nailed it!!!!!