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Recent B04 News

SWSC B04 are the FINALISTS of Murrieta Surf Tournament 2018!

By SOUTHWEST SOCCER CLUB . 01/17/2018, 1:00am PST

Another Great Achievement of SWSC B04 Team!!!!!! We are so proud!

SWSC B04 team came second at the Murrieta Surf Tournament 2018. This team has an outstanding record and always strives for the Championship.  The boys work extremely hard day after day. They always exhibit great sportsmanship, dedication to the sport, and positive attitude. Working together as a unit under the master-supervision of their coach Adam, the team demonstrates their success bringing home well-deserved awards. Way to GO, Team!!!!!!

B04 League CHAMPIONS!!!!!

By SOUTHWEST SOCCER CLUB 11/30/2017, 9:45pm PST

B04 League CHAMPIONS!!!!!

B04 had a very productive pre-season taking first and second places at most of the tournaments the team participated at, which prepared them well for the season. The boys took the League Championship, proving again and again that hard work and skilful coaching bring desirable results.  

SWSC B04 Took Yet Another Trophy! San Diego Premier Cup CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!

SWSC B04, coached by Adam Brubaker, had a very successful pre-season. Last weekend they won San Diego Premier Cup 2017 and brought home another trophy! This team's amazing results are the fruit of hard work and determination, great coaching and dedication. Boys, you are unstoppable! 

Soccer Champions

The Golden Team

Team Ranking Tier


566 points needed to reach Platinum

  Current Rank Change Championship
  National Ranking Points 434    
 Global Rank 2428    
 National Rank 2388  (+1736)  
   Region 4 Rank 763  (+457)  
   California South Rank 154  (+178)  
Current Rank Calculated: 8/20/2017
Previous Rank Calculated: 7/1/2017

The True CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!