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SWSC B04 Reaching Another Final!!!!!!

By SOUTHWEST SOCCER CLUB . 07/26/2018, 2:00pm PDT

The team soared and demolished the competition

SWSC B04 team participated at the Surf Summer Classic 2018. The team soared and demolished the competition beating the neighboring Murrieta Surf team 5-0. Impressive!!!!!! Lots of hard work and dedication to the sport, discipline and team work, professional training and high level of coaching prove to bring great results. Congratulation, boys, in advancing all the way to the finals and finishing second!!!!!! Way to be ready for the upcoming season!!!!! 


SWSC B04 is the FINALIST of SWSC Spring Madness 2018!!!!!!

By SOUTHWEST SOCCER CLUB . 03/20/2018, 7:00am PDT

Home trophy, Home team

SWSC B04 Team waited for this Trophy for some time now. The competition was tough, and the boys fought for the title. This team has progressed tremendously. It's hard to believe that it was formed only last year! What a success! The unity, positivity, and A LOT of hard work pushes the boys forward. The support of the parents makes it easier to achieve their goals. The best coaching in town develops such excellent players. We are so PROUD!!!!!!

SWSC B04 are the FINALISTS of Murrieta Surf Tournament 2018!

By SOUTHWEST SOCCER CLUB . 01/17/2018, 1:00am PST

Another Great Achievement of SWSC B04 Team!!!!!! We are so proud!

SWSC B04 team came second at the Murrieta Surf Tournament 2018. This team has an outstanding record and always strives for the Championship.  The boys work extremely hard day after day. They always exhibit great sportsmanship, dedication to the sport, and positive attitude. Working together as a unit under the master-supervision of their coach Adam, the team demonstrates their success bringing home well-deserved awards. Way to GO, Team!!!!!!

Team Ranking Tier


282 points needed to reach Platinum

  Current Rank Change Championship
  National Ranking Points 718    
 Global Rank 1818    
 National Rank 1770  (+202)  
   Region 4 Rank 599  (+60)  
   California South Rank 121  (+20)  
Current Rank Calculated: 6/16/2018
Previous Rank Calculated: 5/1/2018

Josh Flips Out

Smart Play!!!!!

The True CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!


West Ham United National Camp. Where the Champions are Born!


"The West Ham Camp was held in Rome, Georgia at Darlington Academy, a gorgeous campus.  Zane arrived on Friday and received two kits and a soccer ball.  The boys immediately began their training.  Zane was lucky enough to have been placed with the coach that held the ID camp here in Temecula.  They were grouped by birth date and Zane was placed with the older boys ages 14-16.  They practiced twice a day for 2 hours at a time working on different skills and being instructed by coaches with extensive backgrounds.  The training was intense.  They trained both indoors as well as outdoors in their state of the art facility.  They also had two hours where the kids got to just have fun and swim. The camp gave him an idea of what it is like to be at a soccer academy.  It truly was an honor to have been chosen. 

We are in anticipation of whether he is chosen for England.  Being that he was placed in a group where he was the youngest, he is not hopeful but we will see as it will be really great opportunity for him as  he wants to go pro one day. The Darlington Academy has produced 12 pro soccer players.  Pretty impressive".

Colleen Cadogan