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Director of Oxnard

Drector of Oxnard - Ernesto Sanchez


Personal Information

My name is Ernesto Sanchez I have lived in Ventura County for the last 24 years. I’m

married with 2 children and I have coached them in the community from

recreational to now club level. I’m a Superintendent for Ports America, located in

Port Hueneme CA. I’m originally from Venezuela. I always followed this game. I love

the passion that this game brings to our life. I believe in Respect, Hard Work,

Dedication and Being Positive

My Philosophy in this sport is getting a group of kids to play together, as a team,

reach the ultimate potential of each individual, while having fun and learning the

game of soccer the right way using the fundamentals, without making it hard and

complicate it for everybody. Simple game it is fun and easy. I also believe in the

importance of all the kids to learn how to play each position, will make them

understand that every position is key in this game. And when the victories or losses

come, they are because it was a team effort not just an individual achievement.

I believe that soccer is more than a game. Is part of our lives and a team is more than

just a group of people formed by Parents, Players and Coaches. As a parent and as a

coached I want to teach the kids a lot more than just to play this game. I want to

work hard on the development, physical, mental, technical and tactical skills of each

individual. Also I want them to respect, enjoy it, and learn how to be successful in

and out of the field. In order for players/parents/coaches to grow they have to

understand that mistakes will be made and learning and recognizing them is a key

to the progression. At the end of the day everybody loves to be a part of this great

game of SOCCER.


U.S. Soccer E-license

Risk Management

Heads-Up (Concussion Course)

Coach AYSO from 2009-2014

Coach Club Level 2015-current.